In Memoriam

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Writing

A must read for Memorial Day from the Princess Scribe’s Blog.

Princess Scribe's Blog

tomb-of-the-unknown-soldierToday is Memorial Day. Contrary to popular opinion, Memorial Day was not established to celebrate outdoor barb-e-ques or furniture sales, although these events seem to hold more significance within our national cultural consciousness each passing year.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, a day in which Americans decorated the tombs of Union and Confederate soldiers. Some say the tradition began in Warrenton, Virginia in 1861; other sources point towards Savannah, Georgia in 1862, and others point to a celebration by newly freed African-American slaves in the South. That being said, honoring the graves of fallen ones was an ancient practice.  By 1882, “Decoration Day” became known as “Memorial Day,”  and following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, a more formal, organized day of decoration began. The day took special significance during and after World War II and in 1967, the name was made official by Federal law, and in 1968, as part…

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