Posted: August 14, 2013 in Disruptions, Writing
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Sometimes we just feel


Light at the end of the tunnel.

Doubt slithers in, strangling the faith you have in your ability. Am I wasting my time writing? I work to empty my brain onto the page, hoping for brilliance, poetry, satisfaction. Most days I struggle to write.  On other days nothing comes, the words taunt and evade my attempts to stain the page with their beauty. Maybe it’s time to close up Word, throw away the pen and paper, and see if I can succeed at another artistic endeavor.  Maybe I could find happiness in a different hobby.

Maybe woodworking.

  1. patwa says:

    For me, being lost on my feet is a useful challenge to remind me we’re all just wandering around without lines on the road. Being physically lost in a city can make me feel more capable as I reason my way along streets or alleys to some landmark seen earlier. No maps no directions. Lost in the woods can uptick the heartbeat to low-grade scary feelings, but long as I can still see the sun, there will be a direction out.

    Lost in words? Sometimes I don’t think my words mean anything to a reader; it’s just something I can’t help doing, this writing drawing words practicing.

    • JT says:

      Totally agree. Being lost in a city or on the road is something I do when I move to a new city so I can find my way around later.
      Being lost in my writing is another issue. It worries me. I don’t like it.

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