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Sometimes we just feel


Light at the end of the tunnel.

Doubt slithers in, strangling the faith you have in your ability. Am I wasting my time writing? I work to empty my brain onto the page, hoping for brilliance, poetry, satisfaction. Most days I struggle to write.  On other days nothing comes, the words taunt and evade my attempts to stain the page with their beauty. Maybe it’s time to close up Word, throw away the pen and paper, and see if I can succeed at another artistic endeavor.  Maybe I could find happiness in a different hobby.

Maybe woodworking.


We all do it.  Come home from work, have some dinner, put the kids to bed, grab a beer and sit down in front of the television.  The great High-Definition flat screen glowing monster that grabs your soul by the tit and begins sucking.  Time and space are compressed.  Three hours of Criminal Minds reruns or the latest overhyped cable news story outrage fireworks and you realize it’s midnight and you’ve missed the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, but most importantly, you haven’t written a word, you haven’t done ANYTHING.

Your butt may have grown a bit wider, your gut a bit bigger, and you are one day closer to type 2 diabetes, heart issues, and a CPAP at your beside.  I am hoping to avoid any of that, so time to change things up. Television is now off for at least a month.  I get most of my news off the internet anyhow.  Time to get something done, something productive, something that stimulates my brain, and/or my muscles.

The television isn’t evil by itself, but with a little help, it can be, it can be…