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Ode to Baseball

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Random
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An Ode to Baseball

As cherry blossoms bloom,
the aroma of fresh cut grass
flutters on the spring breeze.

Iron cultivates loose dirt
as men sing “America”
and two immortal words
barked as thousands await,
begin the sunny game.

Smoked dogs and Budweiser mix
with the crack of the a bat
in the early springtime air.

I recently traveled to Texas for the Austin film festival. My plan was to meet online friends from twitter and also pitch the script I have been rewriting. I brought a weekend pass, which allows you to see films all week, but only attend conference panels and sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The producer badge is the better buy if you plan to be in Austin before Friday afternoon. The producer badge gets you access to a barbecue and some other special events which are perfect for networking. This year many attendees of the barbecue were able to review and give feedback on the writer emergency pack ( that John August is creating.

Although many of the panels had information that you can find in online blogs or YouTube videos, there were occasional gems of wisdom and the ability to ask questions.

When attending the Austin Film Festival be prepared to meet people. Friday and Saturday I attended three hosted parties in three different bars. If you don’t drink alcohol that’s fine, but be prepared to hang out and meet people. During the day in between panels and at night after the parties, the Driskill bar is the place to be, it is almost always crowded with plenty of people chatting and connecting.

As for me I was able to meet with some twitter friends as well as meet some new people from around the country. I learned I can handle drinking most of the weekend and still function. But most importantly, I learned to pay attention to how you wash your hands, are your thumbs out? Do they get scrubbed like your fingers?

Think about it.


Austin Film Festival Checklist:

  1. Arrive with a good attitude, smile, be friendly.
  2. Do not stop people in the street (unless you already know them), approach them at parties or meet and greets. (I failed at this with someone, don’t repeat my mistake).
  3. After getting your packet take some time to look over the films, go see one. (They had Big Hero 6 and Dear White People this year).
  4. You can plan the panels you want to attend ahead of time on the Austin website. – DO THIS.
  5. If you can set up times and places to meet twitter or other friends do it, or at least get contact info so you can meet up when you get into Austin.
  6. Bring one pair of nice khakis and a polo shirt, just in case.


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Random Thoughts while Waiting

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Random
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Boredom, it’s a disease running rampant in waiting rooms throughout the land. It breeds mischief and the death of brain cells, beauty, and enlightenment. Boredom is a slow painful torturous death that never ends. The waiting room never helps, it’s full of gray, like a sky on a rain soaked day in a strip mall of dead and rotting stores without food or entertainment.

The zombie apocalypse could begin and this place would be the same, with gray dead people to match the gray dead day and the gray dead mall. At this point in time I would welcome the zombies, for then my brain might be doing something useful. Feeding zombies.

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