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Dream of Miley

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It was a cool summer afternoon. The breeze blew in from the east over the back patio and pool. I sat in the living room watching television as a party raged on the other side of the glass doors. People drank, ate, and danced to the piped in pop music. There was a commotion as Miley Cyrus walked in, but soon the party resumed. Through the doors I saw Miley climb out of the hot tub and dive into the pool, chasing a brown bear out of the water. As the bear climbed out my nephew hoisted it over his shoulders and body slammed it onto the grass. The bear slunk away and the party resumed. The next time I looked out the doors Miley was at the food table eating ham, she turned and motioned for me to come out and eat. I refused.
And that ladies and gentlemen was the odd dream I had last night. You are welcome to analyze it in the comments.