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Words Matter

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Inspiration, Writing
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Words Matter. That’s the nice title for this.

WORDS FUCKING MATTER!! (The real title)

If someone is walking they are not running, if they are strolling, they are moving at a different pace than if they are jogging. When you are a writer you need to pick your words carefully, making sure you are getting the proper feel for your story.

I ride the metro every day and every day I hear them say, “We must stop momentarily to wait for the train ahead of us to leave the station.” These stops are usually 3-10 minutes, they are almost never a momentary stop. I’m sure “momentarily” is used because they did some kind of survey and found that people felt better if you used the word “momentarily” instead of a more accurate word, like shortly, soon, or I don’t fucking know how long. It annoys me, because words mean things, they matter.

So the next time you begin to edit your work pay special attention to your choice of words. Is the character intellectual, would he know or use complex words to describe his situation? Is he trying to impress someone and uses the words incorrectly? Is the heroine running from a shuffling or a staggering zombie? Did the victim guzzle from the poison cup or just sip from it?

You are a writer, choose your words carefully, they matter.


I Clean the Cat Box

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Writing
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litter boxWhen no one is looking
and the cat is away,
I clean the cat box.

When I rise in the morning
and all throughout the day,
I clean the cat box.

When the house is asleep
and the moon lights the way,
I clean the cat box.

When I lay my head down
and dream the night away,
I clean the cat box.

You may wonder what this silly little poem has to do with anything. But your brain is always categorizing and cleaning out the shit and piss of information in your daily life. When you unfollow or defriend someone you are cleaning your litter box, removing the waste.

You must do the same in your writing. After writing the first draft of your masterpiece there will be words, paragraphs, maybe even whole sections, that are just shit. They need to be cleaned, rewritten and improved. It’s an important part of the writing process, take the time to do it right.

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