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There a plenty of blogs about screenwriting out on the web. Occasionally I will highlight one of them that I read and feel is worth your time. The first blog is Go Into the Story the official screenwriting blog of the Blacklist.

Scott Meyers has a fantastic blog full of helpful information about screenwriting, he highlights upcoming movies,  industry information, interviews with working screenwriters, and he also teaches classes on screenwriting. This month he is running a scene writing challenge. Write 10 scenes and you can attend a free class, well worth the effort. I have included the monologue scene I wrote the other night for day 15 of the challenge.




The room is full of sharp dressed older men eating and drinking at each of the 20 round tables. At each exit stands two large men with semi-automatic machine guns slung across their chest.

JASK, a rotund older man stands and walks to the front of the room. He raises his hand and a bell in the back of the room rings. The crowd stops eating and turns to view Jask.

Go back to eating your dinner. I’ll be short.

Some in the crowd return to eating.

JASK (cont’d)
I want to start with a little story. When I was young, I had a pony named Jackson. I loved that damned pony and I rode him everyday. One night Jackson got outside the fence and was hit by a truck, he was in great pain and soon died. Freedom killed Jackson. If only Jackson had stayed in his fenced in world, all would have been fine.

Jask shakes his head back and forth and sighs.

JASK (cont’d)
Why am I telling this story? Because, some in here are outside of the fence, reaching for freedom, and freedom gets you killed. Johnny Starks was one of the ponies, and like my pony Jackson, freedom killed him. Let’s have a moment of silence for our good friend Johnny.

Jask bows his head.

JASK (cont’d)
Some of you may still be lost, wondering what the hell is going on. Well, the rumors you heard were true. I will be taking over all operations within the Detroit area. I like it here. You are all welcome to stay, but you will be underlings to me. I control the ships, trucks, and trains. Everything you need to get your product into the city. Earlier this evening paid off the unions, police, and everyone else I might need in the future. They had two choices: money or death. All of them chose money. Thank you for coming, finish your meals and make your decisions. It was a pleasure doing business with all of you.

The large men guarding the doors open them to allow more armed men to enter, guns ready. Jask walks out of the room whistling as he goes.


Be sure to read down the left side of the Scott’s blog to find links to the amazing amount of information on his site. I’ve added a couple of links here:

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Thanks for reading.


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