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When you write every day you sometimes come up blank when the computer is on and it’s time to write. That’s when you need to find ways to slam some story ideas into your brain. There are many ways, but it depends on how your brain works.

Word Document

The Blank Page

Do you need stimuli?

  • Get up from the computer, turn on the TV, watch a couple of minutes of random TV. (Don’t stay on one channel too long)
  • Flip open a book, read a couple of sentences, if that doesn’t help, keep reading. (limit your reading time).
  • Turn on some music, close your eyes and listen. What picture does the music paint? Use that image to start a story or write a scene.
  • Open up a photo album and scan your photos, write a scene that takes place at the location of one of your photos.

Do you need some quiet time?

  • Try meditating, sit up straight, breathe in, count to three and breathe out. Relax your muscles.
  • Sit in a dark room, with your eyes closed, clear your mind, just be.
  • Try going outside, sit on the deck, close your eyes and put a label to each sound that you hear.
  • Engage your mind in a different activity, do some math.
  • Pull out some paper, a pencil and draw something, anything, it doesn’t have to be good, it just needs to distract you for a bit.


Alternately, you could just write blog post about what to do when you have no ideas.

Do you have any ideas on getting started when you don’t know what to write? Let me know.


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The Idea

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Inspiration, Writing
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The Idea.

That’s where it all starts, one little thought bouncing around in my head, inspired by music, an event, a sight, a taste, or an emotion. It can bounce between the walls in my head for weeks and even months before crashing into my frontal lobe, cracking my skull and spilling onto the page as just another unfinished THING to add to my growing list of unfinished THINGS. THING 2300 or 2400, I’ve lost many ideas over the years because I did not write them down. I have a tendency to let a THING germinate in my head until I think they are fully formed, but not all of them get that far and so they end up being lost in the mushy brain matter that floats inside my skull.


FIRST RULE OF WRITING: Write!! Get the idea down on paper, then let it germinate and grow and bloom.