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For My Dad

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Writing
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My dad was not a “important” man in the world, he spent time in the army, got married, worked for the defense department, and was able to retire and enjoy life taking vacations and relaxing with friends. He was jovial and easy going. My mother and father were married for 54 years, all good.

My dad died on a Sunday morning. Alzhemier’s took its toll over the last year of his life. He began forgetting things, then began to mentally travel to distant locations and times throughout his life. His speech and mobility deteriorated. In the end he was bed ridden, slept most of the day and night, and did nothing for himself. I visited the day before his death and spoke to him, he slept through the whole conversation. Seeing him that Sunday morning, white and lifeless was surreal. But the hardest thing I have done since that day was speak at his funeral. That’s when it moved from surreal to bitch slapping real:

My father NEVER talked about his work at home unless you asked him.

He loved animals but would always make a big stink when a new animal came into the house, “Why do we need another damned animal! Take it back!” Two weeks later the dog or cat was HIS pet.

My father was a conversationalist, if the blarney stone ever lost it’s magic, my dad could have refilled it.

My father taught me how to ride a bike, throw and catch a ball, all of the normal things a father teaches his son. He also taught me things that I am just beginning to understand.

My father annoyed me, comforted me, he made me cry, and he made me laugh, at times I hated him, but most of all I loved him.