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Doctor Zee

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Writing
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“Thank you all for coming.”

“Since the end of the zombie plague, we have found a way to integrate the victims back into society. It has taken years of observation and study but we are confident that the victims can and will contribute to society. The victims of the plague retained some memories and learned behaviors. They are productive on the assembly lines around the world, helping to create new cars, toys, and electronics.”

“Now, our latest experiment is reaping great rewards. We have successfully placed a plague victim in an ER doing minor surgeries. The victim, Doctor Zee, has been working in the ER for the past 2 months. He has successfully performed surgeries in which he removed bullets and sutured knife wounds. Today we take our experiment one step further, today Doctor Zee will remove a cancerous growth.”

“Dr. Zee is muzzled to stop him from attacking and eating clients, he is fed removed organs and other cancerous tissue to keep him alive and working without incident. Patient response has been generally positive, we do have some patients who refuse care. When that happens a human doctor is assigned to the patient.”

“Now if there are no questions please take a look down into the operating room where the first ever victim doctor is about to remove a cancerous node from a patient.”

A curtain behind the presenter opens allowing the audience to see the operation as it progresses. The nurses and Dr. Zee have just entered the room and are beginning to prepare for the first surgical cut. Zee’s face is covered by a shield and muzzle. He is dressed in a powder blue rubber oversized jumpsuit covering everything up to his hands, which are covered with thick surgical gloves.

“To keep the operating room sterile the doctor stands in a decontamination booth before entering the room to perform the operation. Once he is decontaminated the operation can begin. As you can see we have three nurses working with him and one doctor to supervise and take notes, this is still a test case after all.“

“Pay special attention to the precision and patience Dr. Zee displays while he makes his cuts. You may be wondering how he communicates with the nurses and doctor. All nurses trained with human doctors on this surgery to learn any problems that can happen with this operation. They communicate using very basic sign language that Dr. Zee can learn and understand.” The announcer turned and watched as Dr. Zee began the operation.

As the audience watched Zee motioned to the head nurse with a slashing motion. The nurse picked up the scalpel and handed it to the doctor, who looked at the scalpel for a second before looking down and making the first cut. The cut was clean and just the right length and depth. The second nurse placed the suction to clear out the blood. Zee reached into the wound and opened the stomach cavity. He began to gently move organs around to reach the tumor. Once the tumor was revealed he slowly reached into the body cavity and began to cut away the large grayish growth. After cutting out the growth, Zee dropped it into a pan held by one of the nurses who then slid the cancerous growth into a clear plastic bag and zipped it closed, accidentally dropping the pan, which clanged around the floor before settling under the operating table. The sudden burst of noise started Zee who twitched and cut a blood vessel in the cavity of the patient. The blood-shot out and splattered his face shield. Zee stumbled back and let out a scream that sounded like a hungry baby.

The doctor observing the operation dropped his clipboard and rushed to the side of the table and began to suture the wound to stop the bleeding. The nurse stepped up with suction and gauze bandages to clear away the blood. Once the wound was closed the doctor looked up.

Behind the doctor Zee punctured his face mask with the scalpel, becoming enraged when he tasted blood. He thrust the scalpel through the mask until he could pull the mask away from his face and fling it behind him.

In the upstairs operating theater the audience stood and moved to the front of the glass. The presenter turned to see Zee rip off his mask and began to pound on the glass, “Behind you! Look out!” He screamed.

As the doctor turned Zee pounced, biting the doctor in the side of his neck and pulling him down to the ground. The doctor thrashed around and attempted to push Zee away, but failed. The nurses ran for the exit, two made it through the door. The head nurse stopped and made a move to grab the patient, but Zee stood up and growled. The nurse backed out the door hitting the alarm and sealing the operating room.

The alarm rang in the operating theater and the presenter hit the button to close the drapes. He attempted to move the people out of the room to a safe location but the audience pushed him aside and moved the drapes to see the spectacle below.  Zee began pulling organs out of the patient and taking large bites of them. In the observation room members of the audience vomited into trash cans.

Down the hall from the safe room the security detail was suiting up to enter the operating room, full riot gear under a hazmat suit. It was a necessary precaution, but it limited movement. The security detail ran down the hall and entered operating room preparation area. The nurses watching the horror in the operating room through a small window moved out of the room when the guards entered. The guards readied their weapons and prepared for the assault.

In the operating room Zee was pulling out the entrails of the patient and ravenously feasting on them. The floor of the room was soaked with blood from the observing doctor, whose body was still twitching as blood continued to pool up around his body.

The lead guard counted down “3 – 2 – 1 GO!” The door lock was released and two guards moved into the room guns up. The performed a quick sweep of the room with their weapons to check for other targets before aiming at Zee. Zee stopped chewing on the patient and looked up. A piece of the patient’s stomach hung out of the side of Zee’s mouth as he made a move toward the guards. The first shots missed Zee who slipped on the blood and slammed his head onto the foot of the dead doctor, piercing his skull killing him. The guards emptied their clips into Dr. Zee.

That was the last time a plague victim was allowed to perform an operation. Over time the other victims were replaced and the zombie plague was eradicated from the earth.

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