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Boys Don’t Cry

Driving home the other night The Cure came on the radio. From the back seat came a question:

“Why don’t boys cry?”


“The name of the song is Boys Don’t Cry.”


“What does that mean?”

“Oh, it used to be that boys were supposed to be tough, and strong and if you are tough and strong you don’t cry.”

“What about girls?”

“People used to say that girls were weaker and not as strong as boys so it was okay for a girl to cry. But you know, I don’t think that’s really true, I think some girls can be much stronger than boys in many ways.” 

“You mean like when I stopped taking medicine and the doctor said some boys bigger than me had to still take the medicine even after getting out of the hospital?”


A smile spread across her face and filled my rear view mirror.


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Posted: October 27, 2013 in Writing
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It can be the most annoying question in the English language. It is a question filled with curiosity and wonder, with introspection and truth, it is the one question that digs through the layers of muscle, bone, and fat to find the heart of the answer, the truth.

Why is the sky blue?  Clouds in the blue sky

I used to play the “why” game in my youth. The game consisted of a starting question, usually personal in nature, and then every other question was why until the person being interrogated got so annoyed they refused to answer, or truth was discovered.

This past weekend, while we shopped, my first grade daughter decided to play.

“Daddy, has there ever been a woman President?”



“Well women have tried to become President but they didn’t get elected.”


“People didn’t vote for them.”


“A long time ago men did not think women were smart. They thought women should stay home and clean the house and take care of the children.”


“Because women have babies and the main job they had long ago was to take care of the babies.”


I thought about answering, “Because men were fucking stupid and thought women had the brains of children.” But instead I replied, “Well, a long time ago men weren’t very smart.”


“Maybe one day soon a woman will become President. I think a woman would make a great President, don’t you?”


Thankfully it was time to check out. I swiped my credit card, put it back in my pocket, and we began to leave.



“Why do you pay with a credit card?”

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