Today I failed

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Writing
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Today, I failed, it was turn in day and I wasn’t ready. I joined a group of like-minded people in working to write 10 pages a week for 10 weeks. It’s week 9, almost done, and I just failed to complete my 10 pages. I only wrote 5 pages this week, didn’t even get close to 10. A big failure.

I feel like crap, I wish I had a good excuse for failure – family emergency, I had to work 80 hours, I got sick, I was in the hospital – but none of those possible excuses happened, I was just distracted and a bit lazy.

So does one failure make you a failure? And how do you stop the first failure from snowballing into continued failure?

One failure does not make you a failure. But you do need to review how and why you failed to prevent continued failure. That is how you learn from failure.

I failed because I wasted too much time playing games. I also struggled to write the next scene. I was lost in my own story, and instead of writing my way out, I played games. That was why I originally deleted all games from my computer, to remove the temptation. However, I recently loaded two games back onto my computer as a reward for continued writing.

The solution? Play fewer games and reset writing as my objective when logging into my computer. If I can do that I will get back on track and finish the first draft of this script. I just need to get it done. Easy fix, but I still have to implement the plan. This week, I write until I am done with my total, then I can play a game or two. If I fail again, I may have to delete those games.


Happy Writing,


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